Our Programs


The Community Health Program

The Community Health Program (Promotora Program) strengthens the health and well-being of families in our community by increasing health knowledge and awareness while enhancing access to preventative health services for medically underserved women and families. 

1. Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program:

Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program: The Martinez Street Women’s Center is able to provide culturally-relevant education sessions, free clinical breast exams, transportation vouchers, and reduced-rate screening to ensure that women in our community have access to breast health screening. 

2. Diabetes Education and Prevention Program a Tool Against Disease

Through the evidence-based use of Community Health Workers (CHWs), Diabetes management education has been shown to influence the knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of patients; connect patients to health care services; offer social and psycho-social help; and build awareness and capacity of a community to advocate for better access to health services. 

3. Healthy Living and Nutrition
Nutrition is a tool you can use to prevent disease. To help solidify this powerful message, we engage families and community groups in a fun Nutrition Bingo game. We cover the basic food groups, portion sizing, caloric in-take, snack tips and food demonstrations. We show simple ways to use affordable grocery items to create healthful meals and snacks that will reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. 

4. Positive Parenting Class (10-Week Certified Course)
The Martinez Street Women’s Center is part of a broad collaborative effort to improve child well-being in San Antonio by sharing nurturing parenting skills with parents and guardians in our community. Precious Minds, New Connections is an initiative of the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation to support parents in gaining skills through 10-week Parenting Classes at our Center and many other locations across San Antonio and surrounding counties. Our parents share meals together and learn parenting strategies each Thursday or Saturday for 10 weeks. Upon completion, parents receive a graduation certificate and supplies for implementing Positive Parenting with their family at home. 

5. Pre-Natal Wellness Program
The Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby project targets a high-risk Latina and African American population in San Antonio to reduce premature birth through culturally appropriate education on healthy prenatal care for expectant mothers. We utilize the Comenzando Bien curriculum through a partnership with the March of Dimes. The goal of Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby is to enhance the health of expectant mothers and infants through curriculum-based pre-natal education and parenting classes.